Naijawatchtower is a personal blog and creation of Mr Olumide Iluyomade. The blog seeks to create a medium whereby issues pertinent to Nigeria are examined, dissected and discussed. The aim and objective of the blog is to air views, voice opinions and proffer solutions speaking to Nigerian issues.

“In the past, I have been unabashed in my opinion on Nigerian issues and in that regard, I doubt if anything will change. However, this blog is intended to approach the issues of Nigeria and its nation building objective as a project in which critical issues will be peeled off in layers, dissected, assessed and re-engineered. I hope to use this blog to facilitate and provide a solution-driven focus and theme which will be concise, uncluttered, illuminating and efficacious in proffering solutions needed to move the nation forward – that of course assumes anyone is listening. But then again, I have never allowed that to dampen my resolve in any way. If so much as one comment or suggestion from this blog makes it to the hearing of a person in position of authority and inspires a change, then this entire project would have been well worth it!”

– Olumide Iluyomade.


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