Agenda for the future……

NationbuilderFor more than 48 years now (since 1966), Nigeria has in reality been a country of several nations – one without a common vision, and whose internal rules and structures have been left undefined and under-developed thus subjecting it to the vagaries of ethnic, military and political manipulations.

In the 55 years since the nation’s independence, the country has remained an anomaly lacking in the structures required for a veritable nation. It is my firm belief that with the prevailing state of decadence, dissatisfaction, inequality, pockets of unrest and uncertainty, …what Nigeria needs and has indeed needed for a long time, above all others, is sound leadership that is unwavering and unalloyed in its commitment to building a viable and veritable nation. Nigerians need leadership that is not afraid to make the tough decision to establish order by eliminating the influence of ethnic politics and in the same breath adopting nationalism as a policy and end objective. The adoption of nationalism as a policy is the only way to forge Nigeria into a true nation.

It is my greatest hope that with the advent of General Muhammadu Buhari as the elected president of Nigeria, that such leadership may very well have been realized. It is therefore paramount that well-meaning citizens and national groups join in the vision and effort to encourage a rebirth and a new beginning for our fatherland. The new political dispensation is the very first child of the people’s long struggle for political emancipation – It is the first time in the nation’s history that the people’s will has prevailed against entrenched oligarchic control and vested interests!

We, the Nigerian people, must develop a compass by which we must steer our national policy and polity to become one nation, with one common future and a proud singular identity. It is no secret that the current state of affairs leaves much to be desired in this regard. We must realize therefore that all citizens, regardless of creed, culture and ethnicity, are equal partakers and stakeholders in the determination of the nation’s future and as such, each individual’s participation will foster a new spirit of cohesion thereby causing a re-awakened sense of purpose and national pride within.

It is such hope and re-invigoration that gives birth to a new nation characterized by hope and unprecedented economic growth. It is by this means that mutual developments in all spheres of national endeavor and requisite social safety nets are created. After much deliberation, based on careful estimations and on policies which are mutually reinforcing. I have set out to lay down objectives and policies which if vigorously pursued, could help the incoming government to attain success – the aim of which is the attainment of the citizen’s aspiration and a common vision for a united, strong, viable and economically progressive nation which upholds truth, justice and equality as an ideal.

In the next few weeks, I am going to embark on a series of titles called; ‘The way forward….’. With this series I intend to pick on and recommend policies and objectives for the new administration, coupled with suggestions and ideas on the best possible way (in my opinion) to move the nation forward and how to best implement such ideas. As things stand right now, I have been able to compile twenty (20) such objectives and policies which I believe are absolutely crucial and necessary for the nation, if we are to move forward and achieve our dreams and aspiration for the fatherland. It goes without saying however that such ideas must also be feasible and attainable, for it to be worthwhile. I do honestly believe that such policies and objectives, if clearly laid out and implemented, could very well stand as a blueprint for a winning nation.


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