Hello Naija people!

Welcome to my blog – Naijawatchtower. As you may already know and can tell, this blog is dedicated to airing views, opinions and proffering solutions on Nigerian matters. I see myself as a watchman on the wall (not different from many other well-meaning Nigerians) and with the advent of this blog, I hope not only to comment on current national issues, but to also be in a position to offer useful and very practical advice and solutions to many of our beleaguered leaders on various pertinent national issues. As a citizen, I view the challenge of building a worthy Nigerian nation state not only as a crucial personal objective but also as a non-negotiable project which my generation must engage and overcome in other for us and our children to have a brighter future!

In the past, I have been unabashed in my opinion on Nigerian issues and in that regard, I doubt if anything will change. However, this blog is intended to approach the issues of Nigeria and its nation building objective as a project in which critical issues will be peeled off in layers, dissected, assessed and re-engineered. I hope to use this blog to facilitate and provide a solution-driven focus and theme which will be concise, uncluttered, illuminating and efficacious in proffering solutions needed to move the nation forward – that of course assumes anyone is listening. But then again, I have never allowed that to dampen my resolve in any way. If so much as one comment or suggestion from this blog makes it to the hearing of a person in position of authority and inspires a change, then this entire project would have been well worth it!

Years ago, I happened upon a travel website that described Nigeria as the oil-rich Cinderella state which never quite made it to the ball party – that depressing description and notion left an imprint and a lasting impression on my psyche! Why did it have to be so? Apparently because her chosen escorts and guards betrayed her trust and colluded to rape and despoil her on the way – she simply never got the chance to live up to her promise or potentials! What holds us back as a nation? Is there really any obstacle stalling our progress, you ask?. I do remember an occasion in my teens, while taking a trip through Ondo state with my father, I was captivated by the endless array of lush heavily forested and mountainous terrain prompting my Dad to say something which I am yet to forget. He said; “God had given Nigeria all the necessary blessings for greatness and He did it without adding the burden of natural disasters” He paused for a moment and pensively opined; “We the people, …are the only natural disaster!” Nothing captures the shortcomings and issues of Nigeria so succinctly as one of Mahatma Gandhi’s wise statements. I quote;

The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice.”
– Mahatma Gandhi.

I hope and pray that my audience will latch unto those words above – internalize each one, chew on them and let it all sink in. The truth contained therein could not be better stated. As I embark on this new chapter and journey, I hope to learn just as much as I hope to contribute. It is my sincere hope and aspiration that this blog will not just be entertainment but that it might help elevate the standards in our nation, provoke much needed national dialogues, engage our imagination frequently and activate deep-seated potentials in us to join hands and build a nation that is reflective of our collective aspiration for our beloved Fatherland.

In finality, I would be remiss if I fail to acknowledge and appreciate all those who in one way or another encouraged and helped me to actualize this little project. Let me first of all thank my wife for her steadfast love, her resilience and her indefatigable belief in my potentials. I also want to thank family members and friends for their support. In particular, I wish to thank Mr Yinka Sanda for his wise counsel and priceless words of advice. May God bless you all.

– Olumide Iluyomade


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